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Where are we now? Cristina and Kids are in Barcelona, Spain and Jamie is based at the KOA in Santa Cruz preparing  our next big project.  We have just 5 talks left here in the Bay Area!  Spread the word!

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We are truly blessed and grateful to have travelled the last 6 months through 35 states sharing the exciting and inspirational Peace Pedalers stories found in our new book. If you want to see photos from our book tour stops, check out our journals page here.

Below is our book tour route and stops we made.  Thanks to everyone who made this adventure around USA with our family so special!

Stop #Host City & Dates
StateEvent DatePresentation Cities
45San FranciscoCA12/1December 1: REI San Francisco @ 7PM
45BerkeleyCA12/2December 2: REI Berkeley @ 7PM
45Mountain ViewCA12/3December 3: REI Mountain View @ 7PM
45SaratogaCA12/8December 8: REI Saratoga @ 7PM
45Corte MaderaCA12/9December 9: REI Corte Madera @ 7PM
KOA Santa CruzCreation of our next big social projectCA10/29/15 to 3/15/16Stay tuned!!

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Photos and Journals

from the Family Book Tour USA
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"A Bicycle Built for Two Billion" by Jamie Bianchini

Book Reviews

“Bianchini’s A Bicycle Built for Two Billion is not about the bike. It’s a life odyssey of epic proportions. Few of us live from the heart. Jamie reminds us how.”   –– Les Stroud (Survivorman)

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An exhilarating debut memoir that chronicles a fallen entrepreneur’s eight-year world tour on a tandem bike. Bianchini’s extraordinary chronicle begins with his often tumultuous childhood and showcases his enduring love of bicycle-riding. He sometimes felt overshadowed by his large extended Northern California family, which fractured when his parents divorced, but his outings on his bike

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Once I started reading I just couldn’t put it down. The story ended up being so much more than I had expected…more engaging, more unpredictable, more emotional. Jamie shares his own life journey even as he shares a perspective of the world few of us get to see in any country let alone many across

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As the World Turns “A great ride and finding time to stop and smell the flowers along the way… cultural exposures, meeting people…ups and down of daily life… Ran into these adventurers in Paraguay on the “long bike . Nice to read about their entire exploits… easy reading…”

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Total Adventure “Even though I already had a connection to this book because I had met Jaimie and Garryck in Japan, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the writing and story layout was. I read 100 pages the first day, simply because I couldn’t put it down! Both then and now, Jaimie has reminded

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Inspirational Indeed! “Live Big. Give Big.” Stuck in a rut? Read this book! Enough said!

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Very pleasantly surprised with this book! Bianchini takes a big bite outta life in this adventure (and sometimes pays the price). His honesty is well, honest and his heart seems to be fixed in just the right place. This is definitely ‘feel good’ terrain but with a goal in mind. I highly recommend “A Bicycle

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