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Ithaca Journal

Ithaca Journal

Bicyclist and world traveler to visit Ithaca

Kelsey O’Connor, | @ijkoconnor 2:16 p.m. EDT June 22, 2015


“A bicyclist who has traveled the world will share some of his adventures at a stop in Ithaca this week.

Latin food, a presentation and a community bicycle ride are part of the event that will go from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Tuesday in Press Bay Alley.

Jamie Bianchini has spent eight years traveling 81 countries while riding a tandem bicycle, which seats more than one person. More than 1,000 strangers jumped on Bianchini’s two-seater bicycle while he toured…”


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Florida Times Union

Author will share adventures from traveling world on tandem bike, inviting strangers to pedal with him

Jamie Bianchini will give free presentation Thursday at Lakeshore Bicycles
by David Crumpler Tue, May 26, 2015

Jamie Bianchini rode his tandem bicycle through 81 ocuntries in eight years

Jamie Bianchini rode his tandem bicycle through 81 ocuntries in eight years

Jamie Bianchini traveled the world on a tandem bicycle.

He rode through 81 countries in eight years, inviting people he met along the way to join him. More than 1,000 guest riders accepted his gesture of goodwill, trust and acceptance.

Bianchini, who lives in Santa Cruz, Calif., has written a book about his journey and is now on a cross-country tour to promote “A Bicycle Built for Two Billion.”

He will be in Jacksonville at Lakeshore Bicycles, 2108 Blanding Blvd., from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday for a multimedia presentation of stories, photos and videos about his adventures. The event is free.

“By inviting strangers to ride with me, I hoped to do my part in creating more peace in the world by reducing unnecessary fears and prejudices between people,” Bianchini said. “I wanted to demonstrate that language, cultural and religious barriers could easily be overcome with a genuine desire to connect, learn and explore.”

Thursday’s event begins with a meet-and-greet with Bianchini from 6:30 to 7 p.m. Snacks and beverages will be provided. His multimedia presentation, followed by a Q&A and book signing, is scheduled from 7 to 8 p.m.

For more information, call Lakeshore Bicycles at (904) 388-0612.

David Crumpler: (904) 359-4164

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150511 Good Morning AZ

Good Morning Arizona Interview

Here’s a really sweet live television interview we got to do on ‘3TV, Arizona’s Family’ Monday morning.
We’ve had a great time in AZ and are getting read to head to Albuquerque for the next stop on the “Family Book Tour”. After we spend a few days there we’ll pack up and continue eastward with stops in Austin, New Orleans and St. Augustine, FL. (Check out our tour route here) 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

This is such a great honor being able to share my story with so many people. We more television and a ton of radio interviews scheduled so we’ll be busy spreading the word and hopefully we’ll be stopping in a city near you and we can meet in person, and maybe take the tandem for a spin!

Jamie Bianchini Television Interview

San Diego 6

“A Bicycle Built for Two Billion”: How a Man and a Bike Impact the World
San Diego’s award winning TV Station ‘San Diego6 the CW’ did this informal interview with Jamie (and the Family) early Tuesday, May 5th.

By SD6 Assignment Desk
Story Published: May 5, 2015 at 10:16 AM PDT
Story Updated: May 5, 2015 at 11:10 AM PDT

You’ve heard of the saying “a bicycle built for two,” but what about a bicycle built for two billion?

Jamie Bianchini, author of “A Bicycle Built for Two Billion,” joins us with his family to talk about the story beind the book.

He took his two-seat tandem bike on an adventure of a lifetime through 81 countries, inviting strangers to come along with him in the back seat.1,000 people did.
“The intention was to inspire people to get out and connect with their world,” Bianchini said.

Bianchini and his family will travel 12,000 miles through 38 states to promote “A Bicycle Built for Two Billion.”

Watch to hear his incredible story, including how he was able to start charities along the way.


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adventuresportsjournal com 2015-04-07 09-06-43

California’s Adventure Sports Journal

Peace Pedalers

 Around the World on a Tandem Bike

Published by: Adventure Sports Journal Issue: 84, February 2015

Around the world on a tandem bike

Jamie looking for riders in Guatamala.

Over 1,000 total strangers accepted Jamie Bianchini’s invitation to ride on the world’s first open-invitation, intercultural expedition around the planet.  Jamie piloted the front seat of a custom-built tandem bike while leaving the rear seat open to invite “guest riders” to join the journey and share the exhilarating cycle touring experience. If that’s not cool enough, the bike frames, called “Black Sheep Tangles,” could be converted from a tandem to a single bike, which allowed Jamie to rip up the world’s single-track trails with new local friends. His 81-country expedition took over 8 years to complete, with regular recharge breaks on the trails and in the surf of his current hometown of Santa Cruz, CA.

Not surprisingly, a journey of this magnitude was sprung from humble beginnings. After a series of spectacular business flops drove him into bankruptcy and the love of his life kissed him goodbye, Jamie hatched a crazy plan that just might make everything right. His life lacked purpose, passion, and connection with his fellow man. So he decided to go for a bicycle ride … around the world … on a tandem … solo … inviting everyone he met to join him.

“I felt inspired to make the journey mean more than simply fulfilling my own personal desires,” explained Jamie. “By inviting strangers to ride with me I hoped to do my part in creating more peace in the world by reducing unnecessary fears and prejudices between people. I wanted to demonstrate that language, cultural and religious barriers could easily be overcome with a genuine desire to connect, learn and explore.”

Jamie started the project with his best friend Garryck. They both saved for two and a half years and found over 40 corporate sponsors to kick off their dream expedition called Peace Pedalers. The tour got off to a great start in Japan and Korea but it was not long before he ran into his fair share of adversity. “There was a bike theft in China, a near-death bike crash in Malaysia and escaping machine gun fire in Mauritania just to name a few,” reports Bianchini. “But what amazed me was how total strangers in every part of the world came out of nowhere to help keep me stay safe, fed, housed, warm and supported me in fulfilling my vision and mission of the expedition.”

It was this constant stream of kindness and compassion demonstrated by total strangers on his journey that began to inspire Jamie to take the expedition to a new level. Starting by delivering hundreds of tandem bike rides and gifts to orphanages throughout Asia he continued the adventures of compassion and contribution through Africa, Europe and Latin America. Jamie rallied partners, sponsors and fellow guest riders to help donate 100 bikes to an impoverished township in Cape Town, disperse hundreds of doses of life-saving Malaria medication to small African communities, start a school for AIDS orphans in Uganda and bring fresh water to a community suffering from sickness and death in Bolivia.

“I realized it was not only easy to connect deeply with people in every corner of the planet but it was just as rewarding to work together with them to be of service in the communities I traveled through,” explains Jamie. “But as exciting and rewarding it was to be out on the road I eventually longed to get back to the Bay Area to finally settle down and raise a family in Santa Cruz. After seeing a huge chunk of the planet there was no place on earth that had such a perfect combination of great trails, roads, waves and community.  My bike was pointed to Santa Cruz since day one.”

So just how does a globetrotting Bay Area mountain bike addict and surf bum find a life partner to settle down with? Turns out she found him. After several unsuccessful attempts to recruit a road-worthy mate — from online dating websites to travel flings-gone-serious — it was a guest rider who hopped on for a planned 17-kilometer ride that turned into a lifelong adventure. Their first child was conceived in Ecuador and they’re now living with their two kids in Santa Cruz. Well, kinda.

True to character, Jamie is now embarking on a 12,000-mile Family Book Tour USA through 36 states to share his book A Bicycle Built for Two Billion. Jamie and his family will be traveling across the country to share his inspirational stories via free multimedia events at bookstores, KOA Campgrounds, bike shops, Rotary Clubs and other venues that request presentations.

Of course, their book tour itself has a twist almost as exciting as Jamie’s tandem bicycle adventure. Their family will be driving an 8-seater SUV and towing a 33-foot Heartland RV trailer that sleeps 10. Why so much space for just a family of four? The family plans to use the spare seats and beds to keep the original expedition’s spirit of openness, trust and connection alive as they invite others they meet around the country to join the tour, connect, camp and find ways to contribute along the way.

“Our open-invitation Family Book Tour was just a dream my wife and I concocted when we talked about how to share the book and our messages with the country,” reports Jamie. “But I had just been laid off from work, so I didn’t have the money to buy a big RV nor enough to pay the camping fees for such a huge nationwide tour. So we had to get creative.”

Jamie visited a large RV tradeshow where he met Heartland RV’s Vice President Coley Brady. “I could see it in Jamie’s eyes when he shared his project and vision that he lived from the heart. So Heartland RV set him up with our top of the line North Trail travel trailer to keep his family comfortable on his tour,” reports Brady. Jamie then reached out to Mike Gast, VP of communications at KOA Campgrounds who agreed to allow Jamie and his family to stay free of charge at 32 KOA campgrounds around the nation. “KOA Campgrounds believes deeply in the importance of both family adventures and giving back to the community. When we saw what Jamie did for the global community and his plans for his nationwide tour we wanted to help make it happen,” reports Gast.

Jamie’s passion for adventure and community service while out traveling will continue on his USA tour as he raises fund and awareness for several worthy causes. He’ll be visiting KOA’s Cancer Care Camps along his route to give rides to kids with terminal cancer, raising funds to expand the Good Hope School in Uganda he co-founded and search for donors to bring more bikes to Africa with Bicycle Relief Fund and clean water to those in need with Charity: Water.

The Family Book Tour’s first free multimedia slideshow presentation will be at Spokesman Bike Shop in Santa Cruz at 6.30pm on April 18. They’ll depart the Santa Cruz KOA on April 25 and head to San Luis Obisbo, Ventura, Pasadena, Orange Country, San Diego in May. They’ll loop back to Northern California and the Bay Area in September and October.

Wild Coast South Africa.

Always a giggle nearby in Cambodia.

“My girlfriend doesn’t talk back” in Portugal.





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Santa Cruz Sentinel Article on Jamie Bianchini

Santa Cruz Sentinel

Karen Kefauver, Spin City: ‘Bicycle Built for Two Billion’ details Santa Cruz man’s 8-year odyssey on a tandem bike.


Jamie Bianchini never imagined that his business going bankrupt and his girlfriend leaving him would lead to his bicycling around the world — to 81 countries in eight years.

“I was 23 years old and planned to go conquer the business world,” he recalled. “I had graduated from a prestigious entrepreneurship program at USC and won an award for best business plan. I was full of ego.”

But, along the way, he got mired in greed and his lust for money was ruinous.

“My business collapsed, my relationship failed and my friends abandoned me,” Bianchini said. “That five-year chapter of my life ended in the fall of 1999. I had hit rock bottom. … I called my best college buddy and told him I had a dream to bicycle around the world.”

After saving money for a few years, Bianchini and his friend Garryck Hampton set off from Tokyo in April 2002 on their global adventure, dubbed, “Peace Pedalers.” ( The plan was for each of them to ride tandem mountain bikes and invite local “guest riders” to pedal on the back of their bikes. Some of their hundreds of guest riders lasted a few minutes, others a few weeks….

See original article here:

A Bicycle Built for Two Billion Family Book Tour

Heartland Sponsors ‘Bicycle Built for 2 Billion’

February 2, 2015 by RVBusiness

Heartland-Bianchini-Brady-Creech-300x169“Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC is partnering with Jamie Bianchini, offering sponsorship for an upcoming cross-country trek to promote his book, A Bicycle Built for Two Billion, chronicling his eight-year, 80-country world journey on a tandem bike.”

“The Elkhart, Ind.-based builder will be supplying a North Trail travel trailer for the 12,000-mile, 38-city book tour that originates in Santa Cruz, Calif., lands in New York City, then circles back to Southern California. To access the route and schedule for the tour visit”

See article HERE

Photos and Journals

from the Family Book Tour USA
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Order "A Bicycle Built for Two Billion"
"A Bicycle Built for Two Billion" by Jamie Bianchini

Book Reviews

“Bianchini’s A Bicycle Built for Two Billion is not about the bike. It’s a life odyssey of epic proportions. Few of us live from the heart. Jamie reminds us how.”   –– Les Stroud (Survivorman)

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An exhilarating debut memoir that chronicles a fallen entrepreneur’s eight-year world tour on a tandem bike. Bianchini’s extraordinary chronicle begins with his often tumultuous childhood and showcases his enduring love of bicycle-riding. He sometimes felt overshadowed by his large extended Northern California family, which fractured when his parents divorced, but his outings on his bike

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Once I started reading I just couldn’t put it down. The story ended up being so much more than I had expected…more engaging, more unpredictable, more emotional. Jamie shares his own life journey even as he shares a perspective of the world few of us get to see in any country let alone many across

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As the World Turns “A great ride and finding time to stop and smell the flowers along the way… cultural exposures, meeting people…ups and down of daily life… Ran into these adventurers in Paraguay on the “long bike . Nice to read about their entire exploits… easy reading…”

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Total Adventure “Even though I already had a connection to this book because I had met Jaimie and Garryck in Japan, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the writing and story layout was. I read 100 pages the first day, simply because I couldn’t put it down! Both then and now, Jaimie has reminded

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Inspirational Indeed! “Live Big. Give Big.” Stuck in a rut? Read this book! Enough said!

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Very pleasantly surprised with this book! Bianchini takes a big bite outta life in this adventure (and sometimes pays the price). His honesty is well, honest and his heart seems to be fixed in just the right place. This is definitely ‘feel good’ terrain but with a goal in mind. I highly recommend “A Bicycle

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