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A Bicycle Built for Two Billion: Extended Book Trailer from Jamie Bianchini on Vimeo.

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Santa Cruz, CA–December 18, 2014—Over 1,000 strangers accepted Jamie Bianchini’s invitation to ride on the world’s first open-invitation, intercultural expedition around the world. His epic 8-year, 80-country journey will soon be shared in his book “A Bicycle Built for Two Billion”.

Not surprisingly, a journey of this magnitude was sprung from humble beginnings. After a series of spectacular business flops drove him into bankruptcy and the love of his life kissed him goodbye Jamie hatched a crazy plan that just might make everything right. His life lacked purpose, passion, and connection with his fellow man. So he decided to go for a bicycle ride…around the world…on a tandem…solo…inviting everyone he met to join him.

“I felt inspired to make the expedition mean more than simply fulfilling my own personal desires,” explained Jamie. “By inviting strangers to ride with me I hoped reduce unnecessary fears and prejudices in the world by demonstrating that language, cultural and religious barriers can easily be overcome with a genuine desire to connect, learn and explore”

Jamie and his best friend Garryck Hampton saved money for over two years while securing over 40 corporate sponsors to help launch their dream expedition called Peace Pedalers. The tour got off to a great start in Japan but it was not long before they ran into their fair share of adversity. “We had a bike stolen in China, a near-death crash in Malaysia and I dodged gunfire Mauritania just to name a few,” reports Bianchini. “But what amazed me was how total strangers in every part of the world came out of nowhere to help keep us safe, fed, housed, warm and supported us in fulfilling the vision and mission of Peace Pedalers.

It was this endless display of kindness and compassion demonstrated by total strangers that began to inspire Jamie to take the expedition to a new level. Starting by delivering hundreds of rides and gifts to orphanages throughout Asia he continued his adventures of compassion and contribution through Africa, Europe and Latin America.

Together with his guest riders they donated 100 bikes to an impoverished township Cape Town, dispersed hundreds of doses of life-saving Malaria medication in small African communities, started a school for AIDS orphans in Uganda and brought fresh water to a community suffering from sickness and death in Bolivia.

“In the end what I realized was not only how easy it is to connect with people in every corner of the earth but also how exciting and rewarding it is to be of service whenever possible” explains Jamie. “What I want to do now more than anything is share these stories and inspire the courage to connect and contribute worldwide”

Jamie has spent over three years completing his manuscript and hired a New York Times bestselling author Franz Wisner as his editor to bring the stories to the world in his upcoming book due out in April 2015. He is offering limited edition signed copies in his pre-sales campaign via crowd funding site Kickstarter. To reserve a copy, read samples or come to an event on his upcoming book tour head to

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