New England Update

New England Update Tandem

New England Update

Updates from New England!

Greetings from the great state of Maine! Cristina is behind the wheel of our massive Ford Excursion as we make our way through the lush green back roads towards the stunning Acadia National Park. Once we reach this park we have officially hit the furthest point away from our home base of Santa Cruz we’ll travel on our entire tour. Every day from here on out we are officially inching our way back “home”.

So today is a bit of a monumental day for us for several other reasons: We are just about ready to cross the “1/2 way mark” of our tour, we have finally caught up with our photos (yipeee!), we have nearly sold out of our first printing of books, and I begun editing and re-working the book to print a “2nd Edition” shortly. So it seemed fitting to send a newsletter as I know we have not been sending many since we embarked on this wild journey.

When I first announced I was going to do a “Family Book Tour” last year many of my fellow parents said “That’s going to be amazing but I’m sure it will be very hard”. When I shared it with folks in the publishing industry who were also parents the responses went up several notch to something like “Are you insane?”

Honestly, we did not know what to expect when we set off from Santa Cruz last April towards San Luis Obispo. We figured we’d kick off and adjust as time went on. The first realization was that the predictions were right—it was hard. Hard on us. Hard on the kids. Our life bordered insanity most of the time as we struggled to balance a highly demanding schedule of long travel days, media appearances, speaking gigs and countless late nights and early mornings in front of the computer and on the phone planning future events, media and travel in 38 different tour stops. At the pace we’re going now we’ll do over 100 talks by the time the tour is over. Phew!

But, as expected, we adjusted. We settled in. The kids are now on new gypsy hours of an 11PM bedtime and regularly sleep in till about 9-10AM. Cristina and I have learned how to say “no” when we receive too many heartwarming invitations to share our story thus allowing us to maintain some family-work balance. We have mastered our Heartland RV Basecamp setup and takedown without yelling at each other. We’re now scheduling official “down time” to dedicate time and energy to our family. In the last two months we’ve only had one “weekend” where I was not working—in New Orleans—and it was the best 2 days of the tour by far! So Maine downtime is just what the doctor ordered.

So is it “insane” running a Family Book Tour? Sure, a bit. But it’s worth it. We’ve met dozens of new friends for life while sharing our story around the country to hundreds of thousands of people via live talks, print/tv/radio media and, of course, in the book. Our kids are growing leaps and bounds socially and the time we are able to enjoy together as a family is, without a doubt, priceless.

I know we have not been sending newsletters or doing much blogging but we are very active in the new social media platforms like Instagram & Twitter (@peacepedalers for both) and Facebook ( so if you want to know what we are up to and where we are on any day you can follow our daily posts at those social media sites. For those who still resist the social media stuff we’re building a photo and journal page that will house all our photo albums with captions and, as soon as we can, journals for each tour stop. This page now has all our latest photo albums from California to Vermont so enjoy!

So in less than an hour we’ll arrive in Bar Harbor, Maine and ride our bikes around one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders as a family. I’m officially on holiday from that moment onwards all the way through 4th of July weekend and hope to slingshot out rested, recharged and ready to enjoy a steady stream of events in Boston, Massachusetts down to Providence, Rhode Island into Connecticut and down to New York!

Here’s the links to the upcoming East Coast events.

Public Events -Please spread the word!

July 8, Providence, RI: Event Link
July 9: Boston, MA: Event Link
July 12: New York, NY: Event Link
July 15:, Monroe New York.  6PM dinner @ First Presbyterian Church (New Fellowship Hall), 142 Stage Rd, Monroe, NY 10950

Invitation Only Events (email Jamie to be added to guest list)

July 7, Rocky Hill, CT, (between New Haven and Springfield). Invitation Only dinner with Rotary.


Have you read “A Bicycle Built for Two Billion”?

Since you have read this far down and if have a copy of my book (and have at least started reading it), I would love to hear what you think. I’m working on a 2nd edition of the book now and want to make it much, much better than the 1st edition. Unfortunately, like many of the projects in my life, I was rushed due to a very late delivery of edits from my editor. So I did not get a chance to really, truly soul search and check in with the heart before publishing the 1st edition. I’m doing so now. And I’m also asking folks for their honest opinion such as:

What was your favorite part of the book?
What was your least favorite?
What part(s) of the book did you get a bad taste in your mouth?
Any parts where you just got totally lost and/or frustrated?
If you stopped reading the book for a while, where did you stop and why?
Any suggestions for things that can/should be eliminated? Or added?
Any ideas in general love to hear them.

I plan to send the 2nd edition to print in a few weeks so I’d love any feedback, either general or specific. THANK YOU!
We are pulling off into the visitors center now. Over n out from Maine!!!

You can check out the latest photos from Vermont and New Hampshire at this link

Finally, I’m very excited to announce that we’ll be releasing an e-book series, three books in total, taking you around the world in far more detail than the memoir. It’s more of a real travelogue series and I’m working with author Kevin Kato on this. He just finished his book on Cambodia here and is editing the first of three books in our series now. Very excited about this!

—-Update: I’m in Rhode Island now! Maine was very refreshing and fired us up for a very jam packed schedule (5 talks in the next week! Yikes!!)

Thanks for your patience, support and loving energy!

Jamie, Cristina, Luca and Candela :)

New England Update Family

Ithaca Journal

Ithaca Journal

Bicyclist and world traveler to visit Ithaca

Kelsey O’Connor, | @ijkoconnor 2:16 p.m. EDT June 22, 2015


“A bicyclist who has traveled the world will share some of his adventures at a stop in Ithaca this week.

Latin food, a presentation and a community bicycle ride are part of the event that will go from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Tuesday in Press Bay Alley.

Jamie Bianchini has spent eight years traveling 81 countries while riding a tandem bicycle, which seats more than one person. More than 1,000 strangers jumped on Bianchini’s two-seater bicycle while he toured…”


See original article on Ithaca Journal website:  Link


Lakeshore Bicycles Presentation

Fabulous Fun in Florida

It’s 1:58AM and Cristina and I are still going…tonight was the night we planned to finally catch up with our photos, stories and blog entries that we want to someday share with you all.  We’re hoping to “catch up” and share great stories, photos and more from this wild Family Book Tour we’re on.  For now, we’ll start with baby steps and just share our 4-day adventure in Florida.  We’ll then try to back track and take ya on some adventures from Cali out here…but first things first…

We left New Orleans just after the most intense thunderstorms we have ever heard pummeled our trailer all night, only giving us a few winks of sleep.  We then had a long 12+ hour ride to St. Augustine, FL where we crossed tons of dumping thunderstorms and had several close calls with some horrific drivers on the road.  But we finally made it to Florida and had nothing on our agenda the 1st day but to relax, hit the warm beach, soak in some much needed sunshine and enjoy.  A tandem ride to the beach, splash park, pool mission and bbq made a killer “day off” before gearing back up for the next day’s mission of work.

I did a record 5 radio interviews in one day then rallied the family off to our event in Jacksonville at Lakeshore Bicycles where Mark and his crew bent over backwards to make us feel super welcome.  They had a popcorn machine, drinks, food, chairs and Mark even lugged his huge big screen from home.  The media did a great job covering the event so we had a nice turnout and almost all the seats were full.  The reception was super positive, we sold enough books to eat and pay gas and we met some great friends we’ll no doubt be able to re-visit next time we swing through.

So we’re off to bed now, but wanted to share some photos of our adventure here in Florida before rolling north to Charleston, South Carolina area where we’ll be staying at the Mount Pleasant KOA.  Very excited!


Enjoy the pics and if you know anyone in Charleston, SC area the event info is May 31st evening and here’s the link:

Florida Times Union

Author will share adventures from traveling world on tandem bike, inviting strangers to pedal with him

Jamie Bianchini will give free presentation Thursday at Lakeshore Bicycles
by David Crumpler Tue, May 26, 2015

Jamie Bianchini rode his tandem bicycle through 81 ocuntries in eight years

Jamie Bianchini rode his tandem bicycle through 81 ocuntries in eight years

Jamie Bianchini traveled the world on a tandem bicycle.

He rode through 81 countries in eight years, inviting people he met along the way to join him. More than 1,000 guest riders accepted his gesture of goodwill, trust and acceptance.

Bianchini, who lives in Santa Cruz, Calif., has written a book about his journey and is now on a cross-country tour to promote “A Bicycle Built for Two Billion.”

He will be in Jacksonville at Lakeshore Bicycles, 2108 Blanding Blvd., from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday for a multimedia presentation of stories, photos and videos about his adventures. The event is free.

“By inviting strangers to ride with me, I hoped to do my part in creating more peace in the world by reducing unnecessary fears and prejudices between people,” Bianchini said. “I wanted to demonstrate that language, cultural and religious barriers could easily be overcome with a genuine desire to connect, learn and explore.”

Thursday’s event begins with a meet-and-greet with Bianchini from 6:30 to 7 p.m. Snacks and beverages will be provided. His multimedia presentation, followed by a Q&A and book signing, is scheduled from 7 to 8 p.m.

For more information, call Lakeshore Bicycles at (904) 388-0612.

David Crumpler: (904) 359-4164

Original Article Link: HERE

Austin TX Capital

Update from Austin, TX

Book Tour Update from Austin, TX

Here’s a little look at some of the less glamorous activities involved with the ‘Family Book Tour’.

150511 Good Morning AZ

Good Morning Arizona Interview

Here’s a really sweet live television interview we got to do on ‘3TV, Arizona’s Family’ Monday morning.
We’ve had a great time in AZ and are getting read to head to Albuquerque for the next stop on the “Family Book Tour”. After we spend a few days there we’ll pack up and continue eastward with stops in Austin, New Orleans and St. Augustine, FL. (Check out our tour route here) 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

This is such a great honor being able to share my story with so many people. We more television and a ton of radio interviews scheduled so we’ll be busy spreading the word and hopefully we’ll be stopping in a city near you and we can meet in person, and maybe take the tandem for a spin!

Jamie Bianchini Television Interview

San Diego 6

“A Bicycle Built for Two Billion”: How a Man and a Bike Impact the World
San Diego’s award winning TV Station ‘San Diego6 the CW’ did this informal interview with Jamie (and the Family) early Tuesday, May 5th.

By SD6 Assignment Desk
Story Published: May 5, 2015 at 10:16 AM PDT
Story Updated: May 5, 2015 at 11:10 AM PDT

You’ve heard of the saying “a bicycle built for two,” but what about a bicycle built for two billion?

Jamie Bianchini, author of “A Bicycle Built for Two Billion,” joins us with his family to talk about the story beind the book.

He took his two-seat tandem bike on an adventure of a lifetime through 81 countries, inviting strangers to come along with him in the back seat.1,000 people did.
“The intention was to inspire people to get out and connect with their world,” Bianchini said.

Bianchini and his family will travel 12,000 miles through 38 states to promote “A Bicycle Built for Two Billion.”

Watch to hear his incredible story, including how he was able to start charities along the way.


Link to news story  on


My calendar flashed: “TODAY: San Luis Obispo”–as if San Luis Obispo was an appointment or phone call.  But Today: San Luis Obispo means so much more.  It’s day one of our family’s open-invitation tour of the United States–one filled endless unknowns but certainly filled with unforgettable memories.  We’re fired up!

Yesterday was that “last day craziness” including up at 6AM working on a master Rocky Mount Roof rack setup that will hold the tandem, my 2 bikes + a huge gear basket.  I didn’t know if i could pull it off but we succeeded.  Cristina took it for a test drive taking the kids to daycare so we could hammer away at the endless last minute tasks.


After the kids were in Daycare it was all about taking 2.5 months of “life” and putting it back into storage for 6+ months.  What to take?  What to toss?  What to store?  What to donate? The clock was ticking as I had my 3rd Santa Cruz presentation last night to prepare for plus farewell visits from friends and family.  Focus.  Focus!

We finally figured agreed on what and how we’d store all this “stuff” and shut the doors to our storage pod with a few hours to spare before picking up the kids, cleaning up, setting up and arriving at my talk in time.  Phew!



It’s now TODAY.  April 25th.  Day one.  Our daughter Candela was up all night with a fever.  It rained all night and tons of stuff is drenched. We’re exhausted.  But we are EXCITED!

So I’m off to clamp our gypsy home that sleeps 12 onto our vehicle that sits 8 and rock the first miles of this tour.  Please check out this map and consider joining us for a leg or two.  We have space and would love to have ya!


I’m Officially an Author!!

Greetings friends, family, backers and supporters!

We did it! The books are here!  Here’s a short 5-minute sneak peak into the book and the latest from this wild ride of an indie author/papa/gypsy family book tour prep:

I hope you enjoyed the video! Here’s a few more tidbits to this post and then it’s back to work on some serious video editing for the book & eBook—another 3AM work fest! But I see the light! It’s called April 25th when we’ll be ON THE ROAD!

Speaking of the road, I mentioned we needed some help on the ground in the cities we’re stopping in. I can’t do this all myself. So please, check out our route and tour itinerary at and let anyone know up on the route the gypsy family is on our way to their town and would love to connect, ride and synergize.

We’ve got a few kickoff events to attend or share. I’ll be sharing photos, videos and stories—all family friendly good times here:

1) Kickoff Events in Santa Cruz!: We have 3 events in Santa Cruz to share with Bay Area Crew:
2) San Luis Obispo is On!: We head out on the 25th of April to SLO and will do an event at Art’s Cyclery and SLO Library. Know anyone in SLO? Please send this link:
3) Ventura County: We’ll looking at some fun events planned with the KOA in Ventura and Channel Island University,
4) San Diego: We’re working on this. Anyone lend a hand in finding some cool venues? Book shops, bike shops, libraries, schools, restaurants, etc. Love any help here.  Thanks!
5) then…Flagstaff/Phoenix/Sedona, Santa Fe/Taos, Austin/San Antonio, New Orleans…

Check out the new website! We launched a very tight, fun and functional site with the help of the great Jeff Nichols. It’s got book info, events, media, book tour stops and so much more and it’s too cool.

Photo Update: We made a creative, strategical decision to go with nearly 200 black and white photos placed at the end of each chapter vs. the planned 30-40 color photos placed in the center of the book. This will allow us to carry the exact books on the book tour that will be available to book buyers. This made more sense than having a special edition book that was not available for wholesalers. If you are upset or feel misled, please contact Jamie for a refund on pre-orders. But I know you’ll dig the layout.

That’s about it for now!  We’ve got tons of books coming and they will be on sale on Amazon + bookstores around the 28th.  Very excited!!

Jamie, Cristina, Luca and CandelaTraining Ride in Santa Cruz



Building Momentum!

Just off a Skype call with Macedonia where I’m coaching my “Media & PR Intern” Aleksandra Janchevska to research local media and now reach out to them to help pave the road of the upcoming Family Book Tour.  Just before that I was working with on getting the final files ready for the cover & inside of the 1st edition of A Bicycle Built for Two Billion!  Yipeeee!

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a training manual for the “Events & Social Media Coordinator” intern position as well, hoping to find someone like Aleksandra who can work for a few bucks an hour, learn great stuff and put their passion into helping make this massive project go down.

Let’s not forget my web guru Jeff who has been working tirelessly to help us with a killer website and all we need to light up the USA and beyond this spring/summer/fall…

We’re on the road in 17 days!!!  whooooaaaaaaa!  Join us for our launch party on Saturday the 18th–first books on sale. For more Book Launch party information and to RSVP for the event click here
Off to bed…3AM…again.  More updates coming soon!


Photos and Journals

from the Family Book Tour USA
Click Here

Order Your Copy Now!

Order "A Bicycle Built for Two Billion"
"A Bicycle Built for Two Billion" by Jamie Bianchini

Book Reviews

“Bianchini’s A Bicycle Built for Two Billion is not about the bike. It’s a life odyssey of epic proportions. Few of us live from the heart. Jamie reminds us how.”   –– Les Stroud (Survivorman)

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An exhilarating debut memoir that chronicles a fallen entrepreneur’s eight-year world tour on a tandem bike. Bianchini’s extraordinary chronicle begins with his often tumultuous childhood and showcases his enduring love of bicycle-riding. He sometimes felt overshadowed by his large extended Northern California family, which fractured when his parents divorced, but his outings on his bike

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Once I started reading I just couldn’t put it down. The story ended up being so much more than I had expected…more engaging, more unpredictable, more emotional. Jamie shares his own life journey even as he shares a perspective of the world few of us get to see in any country let alone many across

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As the World Turns “A great ride and finding time to stop and smell the flowers along the way… cultural exposures, meeting people…ups and down of daily life… Ran into these adventurers in Paraguay on the “long bike . Nice to read about their entire exploits… easy reading…”

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Total Adventure “Even though I already had a connection to this book because I had met Jaimie and Garryck in Japan, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the writing and story layout was. I read 100 pages the first day, simply because I couldn’t put it down! Both then and now, Jaimie has reminded

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Inspirational Indeed! “Live Big. Give Big.” Stuck in a rut? Read this book! Enough said!

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Very pleasantly surprised with this book! Bianchini takes a big bite outta life in this adventure (and sometimes pays the price). His honesty is well, honest and his heart seems to be fixed in just the right place. This is definitely ‘feel good’ terrain but with a goal in mind. I highly recommend “A Bicycle

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