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A Bicycle Built for Two Billion Family Book Tour

Heartland Sponsors ‘Bicycle Built for 2 Billion’

February 2, 2015 by RVBusiness

Heartland-Bianchini-Brady-Creech-300x169“Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC is partnering with Jamie Bianchini, offering sponsorship for an upcoming cross-country trek to promote his book, A Bicycle Built for Two Billion, chronicling his eight-year, 80-country world journey on a tandem bike.”

“The Elkhart, Ind.-based builder will be supplying a North Trail travel trailer for the 12,000-mile, 38-city book tour that originates in Santa Cruz, Calif., lands in New York City, then circles back to Southern California. To access the route and schedule for the tour visit”

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A Bicycle Built for Two Billion

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Order your copy of “A Bicycle Built For Two Billion” by Jamie Bianchini. Take a ride on Jamie’s custom tandem bicycle as he rides through 81 different countries, connecting with people of all types and connecting with himself.

An amazing book! I couldn’t put it down, I tried to put it down but it adhered to my finger tips. A true human adventure.  –George Simpleton


Family Book Tour Route

Family Book Tour Route

Family Book Tour Route

As you can see, we are planning on covering a LOT of miles on our Family Book Tour this year! We will be stopping in almost 80 cities throughout the US and hopefully we can meet you at one of our Tour Stop Events.

We are starting off in Santa Cruz California and heading across the southern US to St Augustine FL and then up to the New England area. We’re going to catch our breath and then head across the midwest and then up to our friends in the Seattle area, and finally heading down the West Coast back to home!


And We’re Off!!!

Here we goYa know that feeling just before going on a scary roller coaster when you’re a kid? The tight feeling in the stomach, the giddy anticipation of wild yet welcomed madness? That’s my daily emotion…18-hours a day from 7AM to 1AM or so is about normal. And there is no end in sight…

Since my family flew to Spain for an extended stay I turned up the volume of production to 11 and finished my book, found a $60,000 travel trailer to borrow from Heartland RV in 2015, helped designed a website, book cover, Kickstarter campaign, shot and edited videos in English and Spanish, planned a nationwide road tour and we still have a LOT to do.

On the agenda now is finding a place to park this house on wheels during the 12,000 mile road trip so we’re hoping to stay at KOA campgrounds. Oh, and a vehicle to pull that 8,000 pound home? Need that too. Hummm. And gas money? Double hummmmmm.

I’m a full time author with a book that’s not out yet so I have to be creative. So the next few weeks are about finding win-win partnerships. Or even win-win-win partnerships.

Sooooooooooo, if I have my way, the future looks like this:

1) KOA Campgrounds hosts us in about 30 states or so and we hook them up with great beneifts
2) We deliver smiles and memories to kids with Cancer at the KOA Kids Camps
3) GM loans us a diesel passenger van to pack in my family and everyone we meet + books + bikes
4) CocoHydro helps us with fuel and we fuel our bodies and let others fuel theirs with their sustainable coconut water hydration products.
5) Panasonic sets us up with some new cameras and presentation gear to capture and share stories
6) Our Kickstarter funds up and covers the printing of the book

If all this happens (or most of it) we will have a comfortable, abundant, fulfilling trip around the USA with a massive box of books to spread the love around USA. If it does not happen, plans B & C can be hatched and we’re still going around the USA and spreading love…just may look different. Either way…It’s on!


Photos and Journals

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"A Bicycle Built for Two Billion" by Jamie Bianchini

Book Reviews

“Bianchini’s A Bicycle Built for Two Billion is not about the bike. It’s a life odyssey of epic proportions. Few of us live from the heart. Jamie reminds us how.”   –– Les Stroud (Survivorman)

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An exhilarating debut memoir that chronicles a fallen entrepreneur’s eight-year world tour on a tandem bike. Bianchini’s extraordinary chronicle begins with his often tumultuous childhood and showcases his enduring love of bicycle-riding. He sometimes felt overshadowed by his large extended Northern California family, which fractured when his parents divorced, but his outings on his bike

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Once I started reading I just couldn’t put it down. The story ended up being so much more than I had expected…more engaging, more unpredictable, more emotional. Jamie shares his own life journey even as he shares a perspective of the world few of us get to see in any country let alone many across

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As the World Turns “A great ride and finding time to stop and smell the flowers along the way… cultural exposures, meeting people…ups and down of daily life… Ran into these adventurers in Paraguay on the “long bike . Nice to read about their entire exploits… easy reading…”

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Total Adventure “Even though I already had a connection to this book because I had met Jaimie and Garryck in Japan, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the writing and story layout was. I read 100 pages the first day, simply because I couldn’t put it down! Both then and now, Jaimie has reminded

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Inspirational Indeed! “Live Big. Give Big.” Stuck in a rut? Read this book! Enough said!

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Very pleasantly surprised with this book! Bianchini takes a big bite outta life in this adventure (and sometimes pays the price). His honesty is well, honest and his heart seems to be fixed in just the right place. This is definitely ‘feel good’ terrain but with a goal in mind. I highly recommend “A Bicycle

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